Meet Mat and Pat

Meet Mat & Pat

Patrick Foley and Mathew Giovanello have been lifelong friends, actually growing up together on the same block as kids on the South Shore of Massachusetts. After high school, Pat joined the MA Painter Union and Mat went off to college for Industrial Design. In 2004 Patrick and Mat bumped into each other at a mutual friend’s home and were catching up on old times.

Mat had started working in the real estate field and was also re-habing properties at the time. Pat had his own successful painting company. On the subject of paint, Mat brought to Pat’s attention some new stronger coatings that he had heard about and how they would last much longer than a typical paint job. Being in the Union Pat was familiar with these coatings and had also worked with some variations in the past.

They both thought it was pretty exciting type of product and decided to look into this as a business opportunity. After almost a year of research into all the different products, Mat and Pat came to the conclusion that Rhino Shield was the best product available.


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