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I have a brick home. What would the advantages be in
coating my home?

Coating a brick home gives the opportunity to completely change the look of the home’s exterior. In addition, all cracks and crevices in the work area are sealed with the adhesive base coat to help protect your home.

Rhino Shield of New England on This Old House!



Pembroke, Mass., (September 16th, 2009) – Rhino Shield of New England announced today their company has been selected to perform exterior work on a project that will be featured on the upcoming season of the Emmy-winning PBS home improvement series This Old House.

The 30th anniversary season of This Old House premieres nationally on PBS Thursday, October 8. The first project of the season focuses on the renovation of a 1915 Dutch Colonial located in the Boston suburb of Newton Centre. This Old House will be televising the progress of the renovation from start to finish as the homeowners add 330 sq.-ft. to the existing structure. Rhino Shield will provide the exterior finish to both the current home and new addition.

The Newton Centre homeowners, Bill and Gillian Pierce, purchased the property in 2004. Their goal was to eventually add to their living space, but the space needed to be in-sync with the look and character of the original home. Teaming with their architect they accomplished both goals, designing a two floor addition that will seamlessly meld the old with the new.

“A homeowner’s desire to maintain the original look of their home is an important factor when customers choose Rhino Shield,” said co-owner Pat Foley. “Rhino Shield’s ceramic based coating offers them improved durability over conventional paint, but they don’t have to sacrifice the appearance of a traditional paint job.”

Rhino Shield will strip, seal, and repair the existing siding, then spray a bonding primer and two coats of their patented ceramic based finish product. The exact color match and traditional “paint like” coating will tie the original home to the new addition and create the unified look the homeowner requires.

Rhino Shield co-owner Mat Giovanello said his company is looking forward to showing TV viewers the Rhino Shield process. “We’re excited to be working with the team at This Old House. It is the most respected home improvement series on TV; they invented the genre.” Giovanello added that despite the bright lights of TV they expect to handle this project like any other. “Whether it’s This Old House or any other house, Rhino Shield treats every project with the same care and respect.”

The This Old House Newton Centre project premieres nationally on PBS Thursday, October 8 (check for listings). Visit to access a project overview, photo gallery, and live webcams featuring 24/7 progress of the This Old House Newton Centre project.

Why Rhino Shield? All these coatings are the same right?


During their research they came across many different options for a coating solution. One popular option many smaller coating companies do is relabel an existing product (sometimes a product you could buy at your local hardware store) and carry it as their own coating with a new fancy name.  Essentially what these dealers do is invest and market in their company name not their product name. This is a risk free way for them to do business. If the product fails or they want to switch in the future they can still keep their business name and just switch out the product. For example ‘Boston Exteriors’ and a product called ‘Ultimate Guard’

The home improvement industry is a tough industry and Mat and Pat thought this to be very unethical. Everyone has had the issue of calling a company years later for service on something they bought from them and you get the line….‘Sorry we don’t carry or warranty that product any longer, you would have to talk to the manufacturer’ We carry a new product called ‘XYZ now, would you be interested in that?

This is why, when you hear a Rhino Shield commercial, it’s Rhino Shield and Rhino Shield only. We are not using a company name and hiding our products name.

If you are really serious about a true coating system. Why would you believe in a company that doesn’t even believe in their product? If they did, they would spend advertising dollars on marketing their products name?