Rhino Shield Maintains A+ Rating


After a recent review by the Better Business Bureau, Rhino Shield of New England™ has again received the BBB’s highest A+ grade.  Rhino Shield™ of New England received an A+ grade the previous review period and has maintained their high rating.

BBB letter grades represent the BBB’s opinion of a business. The bureau assigns letter grades from A+ (highest regard) to F (lowest). In some cases the BBB will not grade a business (indicated by an NR, or “No Rating”) for reasons that include insufficient information on the business or because of an ongoing review of complaints.

accred_bus_7469The BBB grade takes into account the following information with respect to a business’ marketplace activities: a) The total number of complaints filed with BBB against the business. b) Whether the BBB considers the complaints to be of a serious nature. c) Whether the business appropriately responds to complaints and whether the business resolved the complaints in a timely manner to the customer’s satisfaction – Higher grades reflect that the business has fewer complaints and/or have responded appropriately to any received.

Rhino Shield™ of New England is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and recognizes their important role in ensuring protection of both the consumer and business’ in the marketplace. To be accredited by BBB a business must maintain at least a B rating, meet all standards within the BBB’s Code of Business Practices; comply with any agreements or decisions reached as an outcome of a BBB complaints resolution process, and demonstrate a long pattern of transparent, honest, interactions with the buying public.

Rhino Shield™ of New England has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since March of 2006. See Rhino Shield’s BBB business profile here.


Rhino Shield® of New England is based in Pembroke Massachusetts and is part of the national Rhino Shield® dealer network. Rhino Shield® Ceramic Coatings is headquartered in Destin Florida where they manage over 40 U.S. dealers covering more than 50 metropolitan areas in the United States. Rhino Shield® also operates in a dozen international markets. Years of durable results, relentless product improvements and rigorous testing have made Rhino Shield® the leading residential ceramic coating in America.

Rhino Shield and Lifetyme Exteriors Compared

Video above is a Lifetyme Exteriors customer in Wilmington, MA sharing their issues with their service.
Some time in the past our competitor Lifetyme Exteriors posted on their blog some misinformation about our product. It has caused some confusion so we thought we would provide factual verifiable information to help understand the difference between Rhino Shield and Lifetyme Exteriors product SmartColor. We always say that an educated customer will always choose Rhino Shield. If you’re considering a permanent coating system you will find this information invaluable in making your decision.

Lifetyme Exteriors states the following on their website blog:

“Rhino Shield of New England – has ceramic coating materials that have largely been used until this point in hot weather areas. When you look at where the vast majority of Rhino Shield franchises are located, you will find that the bulk of them are located in southern states with hot weather climates.” – http://lifetymeexteriors.wordpress.com/what-is-it/

Rhino Shield’s Response? It is flat out incorrect.

Rhino Shield is actually the only coating company with over a decade of proven performance in cold weather climates.

I guess at first glance you would think ceramic = hard like porcelain it will get cold and break. This is essentially a ruse to try and dismiss our product. It’s important to understand that these ceramic microspheres are suspended in our proprietary flexible coating system. They are the size of a grain of flour, they can withstand over 8,000 pounds of pressure and are indefinite i.e. they do not breakdown. Much like you can purchase ceramic brakes for your car and they come with a lifetime warranty (and of course they are used in cold weather climates). The Ceramic microspheres in Rhino Shield are not affected by hot or cold weather. They actually can withstand -100 to +200 degrees variations without any effect. Now this is the scientific part let’s talk real world and compare Rhino Shield’s Track Record and Lifetyme Exteriors Track Record in Cold Weather Applications.

This is where we can provide verifiable proof that Rhino Shield is a FAR SUPERIOR PRODUCT than Lifetime Exteriors SmartColor. The best real world example, is that in cold weather climates Rhino Shield has performed flawlessly for over a decade where Lifetyme Exteriors product has numerous failures even failing in most cases before a regular paint job.

One of Rhino Shield’s first dealer locations was in Indiana, where the average winter temperature is 25 – 35 degrees. This Rhino Shield dealers business started April of 2001 and has an A rating with the BBB. That’s 11 years with an A rating in a cold environment.

Our dealership has an A+ BBB record going on 8 years!

Compare these flawless track records with:

Lifetime Exteriors BBB – B rating with 21 lodged complaints as of this writing.

THE FACT IS: Rhino Shield has installations in the cold northeast without issue going on 12 years.

Compared to Lifetyme Exteriors SmartColor whith numerous failures that according to the customers online BBB complaints could not get even a response without contacting the BBB for assistance.

A great new feature of the BBB is now you can read the lodged complaints.

Links below prove via BBB what we are stating here to be true. Keep reading below the links for more in depth information comparing Lifetyme Exteriors to Rhino Shield.








AmCoat Technologies the owner of Rhino Shield was founded in 2001

11 Years in business

A+ rating with BBB

40+ Dealers Domestically covering over 50 metropolitan areas. Internationally – Ghana, Mexico and Brazil

All dealers have an A rating.

Tested by BASF labs proving Rhino Shields longevity.

Accolades include This Old House , HGTV Curb Appeal (3 times), NasCar, Disney and PBS Katie Brown Workshop




Founded 06/26/2008

3 Years in Business

Not Rated by BBB, No Record Available

Number of SmartColor dealers not published or shared with the public

Business name “Smarter Coatings” not trademarked as of this writing.







Incorporated 3/30/2004.

Name Changed to Lifetyme Exteriors llc 9/2/2004

Since inception has marketed / changed warrantee product line three times. Alvis Coating, SmartCoat and SmartColor

Spray on Siding of Massachusetts llc, installed Alvis Coatings. Alvis Coatings Inc. of Charlotte, N.C., declared bankruptcy in early 2005.

(Everything on the internet stays they say – Some links like these below, utilize the “internet wayback machine” website. This website takes snapshots of websites and has for many years. When you click these links take note of the product names Lifetyme Exteriors warrantied / 2005-2008 was SmartCoat / 2009 – present SmartColor)

Lifetyme Exteriors installed SmartCoat from 2005 until 2008.

Lifetyme Exteriors installed SmartColor 2009 – Present

BBB Rating = B

21 Complaints – Read the Complaints

Has received multiple complaints since inception with Massachusetts Consumer Protection (617) 727-8400


Incorporated as FinalCoat llc 07/15/2005

Dealership of Rhino Shield product since inception

BBB Rating = A+

3 Complaints – Read One Complaint from 2011

Never a complaint with Massachusetts Consumer Protection

Selected locally for This Old House, Harvard, Thayer Acadamy, NECN Dream Home, Katie Brown Workshop PBS



Lifetyme Exteriors – SmartColor Product

Testing data cannot be verified, testing facility not listed

Only used and marketed for 3 years

No known dealer network

Product name not trademarked

Rhino Shield Coating System

Product Tested and Proven by third party BASF labs

Used and Marketed 12 years

40+ Dealers Domestic and International

Same Manufacturing facility that Specializes in Coating Systems, in business 45 years.

Class A Fire Rating

Announcing New Super Shield for Roofs


At Rhino ShiRhino Shield Super Shieldeld®, we are pleased to announce a new product that we feel homeowners are really going to be excited about: introducing, Super Shield® Roof Coatings.

Undergoing a complete roofing replacement can be a seriously expensive project and it is especially exhausting if you end up trying to do it yourself.  Super Shield® installations are simple, fast and far more cost effective than a roof overhaul.  Our product forms a protective membrane around your existing roof that expands or contracts with temperature.  Super Shield® also keeps your roof sealed and protected from moisture and the growth of mold and mildew.

This specially formulated ceramic coating for roofs has similar heat and ultra-violet resistance properties of our more common Rhino Shield® exterior coatings, working to save on heating and cooling costs for your home. Super Shield® may be applied to most roofing surfaces including primed metal, clay concrete, asphalt, bonded roof gravel, slate, tile, etc.

To find out more even more about this exciting new product from Rhino Shield®, feel free to contact us today and we’ll be happy to tell you all about how this product can improve your home’s roof.

Rhino Shield of New England -Lizzie Borden House


Rhino Shield of New England work on the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA ( 2010 ):

PBS Television Series “This Old House” Invites Rhino Shield of New England


Pembroke, Mass., (September 16th, 2009) – Rhino Shield of New England announced today their company has been selected to perform exterior work on a project that will be featured on the upcoming season of the Emmy-winning PBS home improvement series This Old House.

The 30th anniversary season of This Old House premieres nationally on PBS Thursday, October 8. The first project of the season focuses on the renovation of a 1915 Dutch Colonial located in the Boston suburb of Newton Centre. This Old House will be televising the progress of the renovation from start to finish as the homeowners add 330 sq.-ft. to the existing structure. Rhino Shield will provide the exterior finish to both the current home and new addition.

The Newton Centre homeowners, Bill and Gillian Pierce, purchased the property in 2004. Their goal was to eventually add to their living space, but the space needed to be in-sync with the look and character of the original home. Teaming with their architect they accomplished both goals, designing a two floor addition that will seamlessly meld the old with the new.

“A homeowner’s desire to maintain the original look of their home is an important factor when customers choose Rhino Shield,” said co-owner Pat Foley. “Rhino Shield’s ceramic based coating offers them improved durability over conventional paint, but they don’t have to sacrifice the appearance of a traditional paint job.”

Rhino Shield will strip, seal, and repair the existing siding, then spray a bonding primer and two coats of their patented ceramic based finish product. The exact color match and traditional “paint like” coating will tie the original home to the new addition and create the unified look the homeowner requires.

Rhino Shield co-owner Mat Giovanello said his company is looking forward to showing TV viewers the Rhino Shield process. “We’re excited to be working with the team at This Old House. It is the most respected home improvement series on TV; they invented the genre.” Giovanello added that despite the bright lights of TV they expect to handle this project like any other. “Whether it’s This Old House or any other house, Rhino Shield treats every project with the same care and respect.”

The This Old House Newton Centre project premieres nationally on PBS Thursday, October 8 (check  www.thisoldhouse.com/tvschedule for listings). Visit  www.thisoldhouse.com to access a project overview, photo gallery, and live webcams featuring 24/7 progress of the This Old House Newton Centre project.

See the Science Behind a Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating


Check out all the features of Rhino Shield’s patented ( Ceramic Coating System )

The Advantage of Choosing Rhino Shield for Interior Jobs


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