Rhode Island Painting


Since January of 2016 Rhino Shield of New England has operated the Rhode Island division of Rhino Shield®. The Rhode Island offices are located just north of the Rhode Island border in Pembroke Massachusetts. See the Rhino Shield of Rhode Island website here: Rhino Shield of Rhode Island

Rhino Shield of New England is excited to now be serving customers in the Ocean State. We’ve already completed a few jobs this spring and homeowners have been telling us they’re happy with the results. Below is a job we just finished in Johnston RI. On the left our crew stripped the failing paint before applying the Rhino primer and ceramic top coat. Actually, the north side of this house hardly needed stripping because much of the previous paint had peeled. In that area we did numerous repairs to the exposed clapboard before priming…The “after” photo on the right is Rhino Shield’s completed work.


Our customer reports that their house now “pops” and the job has increased their “curb appeal”. This is why Rhino Shield loves the painting business. It’s a very satisfying line of work, because a good paint job is a huge improvement for any home and people notice.

Rhino Shield is a national brand with separate dealers across the nation, much like McDonald’s has different restaurant owners in each area. But imagine if one McDonald’s had dirty restrooms and cold hamburgers. If that happened the reputation of all McDonald’s restaurants would suffer. Frankly, this was the situation with Rhino Shield in Rhode Island. The previous Rhode Island operator was falling far short of Rhino Shield’s standards and harming the brand’s reputation in the state. That dealer’s agreement was revoked by the national office in January of 2016 and Rhino Shield of New England has taken over operation of the Rhode Island region. For over a decade the New England dealership has held an A+ rating with the BBB and has completed thousands of jobs with high levels of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to build upon that good reputation, have it spread to Rhode Island and supplant the “cold hamburgers” served by the previous dealer. This can only be done by satisfying one customer at a time. We thank the family in Johnston RI for allowing us that opportunity.


Rhino Shield™ of Rhode Island


Rhino Shield of Rhode Island is under new management. As of January 2016 homeowners in Rhode Island will be served by Rhino Shield’s New England office based in Pembroke MA.

The national office of Rhino Shield grants dealerships across the United States and monitors the performance of each dealer. The previous dealership serving Rhode Island had fallen short of the standards set by the national office and their dealership agreement was revoked on January 1st, 2016.

Amcoat Industries, the parent company of Rhino Shield® USA, announced Rhino’s long established New England dealership based in Massachusetts will now serve the Providence RI Metro region and state of Rhode Island, which adds to their current service areas in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Rhino Shield® released a statement saying, “The goal is to improve service for our customers in Rhode Island. Since Rhino Shield of New England has been a Rhino dealer for over a decade with an outstanding record of customer service, it only made sense to expand the coverage of our New England dealership into the Ocean State.”

Each Rhino Shield dealership maintains a separate BBB rating.
The New England dealership has held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for over a decade. See Rhino Shield New England BBB record here.  Going forward, to contact Rhino Shield in Rhode Island call the Pembroke MA office at 888-907-4466, or visit the regional website here: GoRhinoShield.com

Please note, when researching Rhino Shield in Rhode Island, all records prior to January 2016 are associated with the previous dealership. Any issues with prior service should be directed to Rhino Shield’s national headquarters in Destin Florida.


Rhino Shield™ of New England is based in Pembroke Massachusetts and is part of the national Rhino Shield® dealer network. Rhino Shield® Ceramic Coatings is headquartered in Destin Florida where they manage over 40 U.S. dealers covering more than 50 metropolitan areas in the United States. Rhino Shield® also operates in a dozen international markets. Years of durable results, relentless product improvements and rigorous testing have made Rhino Shield® the leading residential ceramic coating in America.