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Book your job before January 31st and save a ton of money this spring. Rhino Shield is offering a huge 30% discount to homeowners who book their job now during our winter off-season. Take advantage of huge savings and guarantee your job is first on our schedule this spring. Call 888-90-RHINO today.
Call Rhino Shield of New England today and give your home an exterior that will last a lifetime. Never call another painter, never have another year of chipped or pealing exterior, “NEVER PAINT AGAIN”.
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Rhino Shield of New England’s Lifetime Warranty


Rhino Shield of New England™ is the ultimate paint job for the exterior of your home. It has a lifetime transferable warranty.
You′ll never have to paint your home again.

Lifetime transferable warranty.

*Rhino Shield eliminates maintenance costs.
*Rhino Shield protects from the sun.
*Rhino Shield insulates, for energy savings.
*Rhino Shield waterproofs.
*Rhino Shield preserves the value of your home.
*Rhino Shield is not sold in stores

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Rhino Shield New England™- About 3M Ceramic Microspheres


Ceramic microspheres were invented in the early 1960’s by the 3M Company as an outgrowth from the manufacture of solid ceramic beads. Because the microspheres are made of ceramic, they provide the additional benefits of high heat and chemical resistance.

The central air pocket in the microspheres provides an insulating barrier for your walls much like a thermos bottle does. This insulating, industrial maintenance-free coating is long lasting, offering superior mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, and ultra-violet ray reflectivity.

Rhino Shield’s 3M Ceramics incorporate different sized microspheres as fillers. Conventional paints utilize inexpensive mineral products as fillers that are irregular in shape and size. These irregularly shaped fillers don’t pack nearly as well as a mix of small and large microspheres. (The smaller spheres pack more tightly into the spaces between the smaller spheres.) The more densely the coating is packed with microspheres, the less permeable it is to stains and the thicker it is when dry.

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Dighton Community Church Project- Rhino Shield of New England™


Dighton Community Church Project-Reverend Dave Stewart of Dighton Community Church, Dighton, Massachusetts. On his feelings about Rhino Shield of New England™, and why they used it on the Church, and the overall results and impressions